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    Kong Champions programme leaders - Investing in the Kong community.
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    Co-Organise "Konnectors Klub"

    Joint exclusive event for Kong customers to enable adoption and think about wider themes like target operating models.

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    Kong EMEA Partner & service provider
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    One of the most mature Kong practices in UK
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    Kong certified resources
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    Co-Organisers of Kong London MeetUp community (457 members)
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    Kong Hackathon Winners 2023

How have we invested in Kong?

  • Kong Hackathon 2023 Winner

    Won best Developer Portal Hack at the API Summit 2023 by Kong conference

    Watch our submission video here

  • Kong Summit 2021, 2022 and API Summit 2023 Talks

    We have presented on various thought leadership topics at the last three Kong conferences : virtually at Kong Summit 2021, in person at Kong Summit 2022 in San Francisco and most recently virtually at API Summit by Kong in September 2023.

    Our very own Andrew Kew was up on the main stage during the 1st day’s closing Keynote speech with Viktor Gamov, announcing the release of the Kong Operator. We were very proud.

  • 10/08/2022


    KongCast: Distributed Tracing on Kubernetes

    Our very own Andrew Kew spoke to Kong's developer advocate Viktor Gamov about the pillars of observability, distributed tracing on Kubernetes, and tools that can help you get the most out of distributed tracing. 

    Watch here

  • 10/08/2022


    Chaos Engineering Blog post on Konghq.com

    As engineers and architects, we automatically build resilience into platforms as far as possible. But what about the unknown failures? What about the unknown behavior of your platform? The philosopher, Socrates, once said "You don’t know what you don’t know". What if I could tell you there is a way to turn these unknowns into knowns – a way to understand how your platform will behave to specific failure events

    Read more

  • 11/08/2022

    Distributed tracing Blog on skywalking.apache.org

    Observability essential when working with distributed systems. Built on 3 pillars of metrics, logging and tracing, having the right tools in place to quickly identify and determine the root cause of an issue in production is imperative. In this Kongcast interview, we explore the benefits of having observability and demo the use of Apache SkyWalking. We walk through the capabilities that SkyWalking offers out of the box and debug a common HTTP 500 error using the tool.

    Read more

  • 03/11/2022

    Thought leadership Article on Business Reporter

    When technology and people collide: Digital transformation projects often fail, creating a vicious circle where technology frustrates employees and talent moves on. Andrew Kew at QuadCorps explains why getting the culture right is a key lynchpin to success

    Read more

  • 07/12/2022

    Panelist on Webinar with Wallarm and Kong

    The API economy has grown significantly over the past several years, as developers are utilizing more APIs in order to speed application development. According to 451 Research, the typical organization is using an average of over 15,564 APIs, with large enterprises (10,000+ employees) using an average of 25,592 APIs. And 451 Research noted that APIs usage grew an average of 201% in 2021.

    Watch here

  • Dec 7, 2022



    Kong Builders - Chaos Engineering: Why Break Things on Purpose?

    With the move to distributed cloud architectures, it's becoming more critical to ensure that our platforms are designed for failure and behave the way we expect in these failure events.

    Enter chaos engineering! The practice of injecting controlled failures into your system and observing how it responds to the experiment. Join this talk, where we will discuss the history of chaos engineering, why running everyday chaos engineering experiments is essential, and how you can incorporate this into your current CI/CD pipelines.

    Watch here

  • 09/01/2023

    Thought leadership Article on computing.co.uk

    Observability is the key to better, faster, more efficient organisations: By creating a big picture view of all operations, APIs, systems and server health, organisations will be better equipped to manage issues as they occur and even predict them in future.

    Read more


    Kong Champions Leader

    Community is the DNA of Kong. As we grow, we are committed to fostering a strong community by providing a structure so that Kong users know who to talk to and where they can look for guidance. Kong is driven by the Community and we are devoted to helping our users learn, grow and be successful.

    QuadCorps is proud to be part of and contribute back to the Kong community helping with daily support, writing content and even talking at conferences or live webinars.

zero downtime Upgrading to KONG gateway

Kong safe pair of hands

Keeping your API Gateway version up to date is an important part of BAU management of your platform. Not only does it allow you to take advantage of the latest feature releases but also when security vulnerabilities are patched.

Ensuring that there is zero downtime while upgrading can be hard if you dont select the correct upgrade strategy based on your deployment mode.

In this video we help you choose the correct upgrade strategy based on your deployment mode, the pros and cons to each and what else to consider while upgrading.

Kong Thought leadership

Next Generation observability

In recent years, there has been a significant paradigm shift in the platform landscape towards containerization, and its orchestration using Kubernetes (k8s). The need for observability in this new distributed architecture has become non-negotiable. But due to the complexity and size of these architectures vast amounts of observability data is being generated which then needs to be analyzed when issues occur. This means your teams will be spending more time sifting through this data, increasing mean times to resolution, extending down time and ultimately impacting the business.

This video looks into how using AI as a complimentary tool to your observability metrics can help you reduce your MTTR

Chaos Engineering

Why Break Things on Purpose?

With the move to distributed systems, the confidence around high availability and robustness becomes a complicated beast to tame. Yet another layer of complexity is added with the move from bare metal infrastructure to cloud services. Furthermore, with the added dimension of microservices, you may get a massively complex ecosystem (with exponential possibilities for failure points) depending on the number of services in your system.

Enter Chaos Engineering: the practice of injecting controlled failures into your system to improve its overall response. The way the system behaves in response to these failures provides us with the favorable opportunity of monitoring and improving them.

Improving Runtime API Protection

Wallarm and Kong: Better Together

This recording lookings into how using Kong and Wallarm WAF together can improve your API runtime security.

Wallarm adds on an advanced layer of protection to what Kong offers out of the box.

How we can help you with Kong?

We have a number of Kong packages to help you ensure you have the best API Gateway deployment and you are set ready for whatever the business throws at you.

Kong Launch

Getting Kong launched in your organization taking into account security, scalability and resilience.

Bronze, Silver and Gold levels availiable

DALL·E 2023-10-25 16.13.17 - Illustration showcasing a gorilla, adopting a ninja stance, as it flies above the jungle canopy. The image is dominated by the shades #D1D7C7, #93AB9E

Kong Maturity Review

A review of your current Kong deployment with an action plan on how to ensure your platform is ready to scale with business growth

DALL·E 2023-10-25 16.19.11 - Artistic rendering of a thoughtful gorilla, with glasses resting on its nose, engrossed in reading a book at night. The ambiance is dark and moody, ut

Kong Developer Portal

Kong EE or Konnect

A build of an enterprise grade developer portal to ensure your APIs can be discovered easily by your consumers.

DALL·E 2023-10-25 16.25.49 - Illustration of a gorilla in the heart of the jungle at night, acting as an explorer. It holds a map in one hand and a lantern in the other, looking f

Konnect migration

A migration plan and/or implementation from Kong EE on-prem to Kong Konnect.

DALL·E 2023-10-25 16.28.01 - Nighttime illustration of a gorilla journeying from one place to another, signifying a home move. The gorilla has some possessions with it, emphasizin

Kong Custom Plugins

Creation of Kong Gateway (Enterprise or Konnect) custom plugins (using Kong plugin PDK) tailored to your business needs

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