About Us

QuadCorps designs and develops software systems to digitalise, simplify, integrate and improve business processes, boost performance, and optimise user experience

About QuadCorps

QuadCorps is a software consultancy and systems integrator focused on delivering digital transformation solutions and high performance, highly available, distributed applications. Formed in 2019, QuadCorps brought together several software development businesses, specialised in enterprise integration, business process management, data solutions and algorithmic trading.

We are vendor and platform neutral, but have deep expertise in integration solutions based on the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, making us one of the most experienced MuleSoft system implementers in the UK. We also have specialist experience working with major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How we work

What sets us apart is how we think about and execute the software development discipline. We are very focused on meeting business benefits, using technologies appropriate to your requirements, budget and timelines. Our staff are bright and innovative, enjoying the work we do and taking pride in what we deliver. We are focused on writing stable, performant software, designing and developing solutions based on modern, agile methodologies, and using design patterns and techniques to reduce the volume of custom code written. Based on the latest best practice, this makes solutions easier to implement and to scale, ensures robust, future-proof performance, and provides the best possible user experience.

We have a willingness to listen to what you need. Our consultants won't force solutions on you, but rather craft them around you. We are keen to please, and will take our lead from you regarding how your business works and what it needs. However, we will always be honest and direct. We won't sell you services you don't need and will say if we think there are better ways to achieve your desired outcomes. Sometimes the answer may just be modifying a process, without the cost of adding new tech. Whatever is the right approach, our teams are experienced and dedicated, quickly producing high-quality solutions that meet your needs now and for the future.

Working with Quadcorps

Learn more about working with QuadCorps and our collaborative approach to designing and delivering best-in-class technology solutions.

Coronavirus (Covid-19): QuadCorps is safely maintaining a full range of services, with any customer interactions in full compliance with current health and social distancing guidelines. Our consultants will respect any additional workplace measures you have in place, should on-premise attendance be required. We are fully equipped for remote working and to conduct virtual meetings and workshops as required.  For further information please contact info@quadcorps.co.uk

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