Our Leadership

Combining decades of experience and a rich diversity of expertise, our directors share a single vision – to provide a true and trusted partnership approach to enterprise software development, API and integration ecosystem solutions.

Andrew Kew - Quadcorps

Andrew Kew


Andrew’s role as Integrator is critical to QuadCorps’ day-to-day operations, including cross-functional communication, coordination of the leadership team, and management of high-level priorities.

His extensive experience and accomplishments as a software engineer, rising to CTO of a City trading firm, are testament to his commercial and technical capabilities in extremely high-pressure environments. His fintech expertise also adds a valuable dimension to our diverse technology credentials and sector specialisms.

Jeyaram Deivachandran - Quadcorps

Jeyaram Deivachandran


Jey, our client Engagement Lead, brings a broad perspective and insight from experience as a client and end user, system integrator, and product vendor.

He has deep expertise in the API, integration and MuleSoft ecosystem, and is the co-founder, host and facilitator of UK Independent MuleSoft Practitioners – the largest MuleSoft Meetup in Europe.

Vaughn Haybittle - Quadcorps

Vaughn Haybittle


As well as being a principal consultant and integration architect, Vaughn is our Visionary, responsible for strategy, leadership, and client success.

His exploration and analysis of the macro environment not only steers our own focus, but also provides intelligence and insight for our clients, including technology developments and market trends, and the business risks and opportunities these present.

Gil Perry - Quadcorps

Gil Perry


As our Engineering & Architecture Lead, Gil is at the forefront of new technology and industry best practice, ensuring QuadCorps clients have access to cutting edge skills and solutions.

He is a highly proficient architect and software engineer, with vast experience working on business-critical systems for major enterprises, and a track-record for on-time delivery of high-performance, scalable solutions.

Chris Mack - Quadcorps

Chris Mack


Chris is a highly accomplished relationship manager, and as QuadCorps’ Business Development Lead he provides vital continuity and care for our clients, from initial contact to project completion and beyond.

With a background in specialist tech recruitment, he brings an unrivalled understanding of client resourcing requirements. With Jey he co-founded the UK Independent MuleSoft Practitioners, now Europe’s largest MuleSoft Meetup group.

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