Digital Transformation

Building smarter, faster, cost-effective digital journeys for your people, products and processes

In shape for Industry 4.0?

The speed of technology innovation proves the assertion that digital transformation is a journey, not a destination.

To better serve customers, retain talent and remain competitive, it’s critical for businesses to keep pace with developments such as IoT, AI, 5G, big data, blockchain, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Further, the shift from ‘we serve’ to self-serve, and to remote/mobile working and online transactions, will only increase demand - from customers and employees - for high performance digital services and user experiences.

This requires huge upscaling and agility for compute resource, data analytics, business processes and software applications. With deep expertise in digital transformation, QuadCorps can create the cloud infrastructure, platforms and apps to support your next generation digital services.

Big data: volume and value

As the volume of data grows exponentially, so too does its potential worth. The challenge, however, is developing sufficient capacity and capability for storage, analytics and value extraction. With increasing data points and IoT connectivity, this will only intensify.

QuadCorps can help businesses standardise and transform large-scale, unstructured datasets, expose them to other systems, and enable machine learning to process, index and mine the data for commercial insights. This yields profitable opportunities through BI, analysing and anticipating trends, targeted marketing and personalised customer experiences.

Our consultants will design and implement cloud solutions for data storage, integration and management, and develop apps and APIs to access and socialise the data across different domains to unlock its value.


Application Programming Interface

We design and build high-performance APIs and infrastructure, enabling seamless systems integration across the enterprise, promoting innovation and collaboration, and optimising customers interactions.

QuadCorps creates API solutions perfectly matched to the client environment, using appropriate tools for fast, flexible deployment, agile connectivity and smooth user experience.

We work with lightweight API gateways including Kong, and leading enterprise platforms such as Mule, which is a QuadCorps specialism. Mule enables rapid API design and implementation and provides an ideal infrastructure to run solutions, with all the security, monitoring and management features you need. We can also design APIs in plain Java, and generate all the supporting infrastructure.

CX and UX solutions

Digital has long disrupted traditional retail models, and Covid-19 has accelerated the decline with high streets struggling as shoppers move online. No one would bet on a post-pandemic reversal, and to survive and thrive means a shift from transactional mode to relational, where customers enjoy personalised and experiential shopping. Instore or online, this relies on technology ranging from web and mobile apps to VR and AR, IoT, big data and machine learning, digital integration and data management.

With major retail experience, QuadCorps is well placed to advise on digital strategies for this new landscape. We boast expertise across a wide range of other verticals too, developing tech solutions to enhance customer and user experience, digitalise business and payment processes, and drive new revenue and growth opportunities.

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