First API developer portal of its kind


We deployed an on-prem Kong developer portal for one of U.K largest insurance companies, the first of its kind for the company allowing their consumers to easily discover, understand and tested out via advanced mock capabilities.


  • Deployed project in record time, 3 months starting with a blank VPC
    • 3 environments created and deployed, including production
    • All observability and scalability built in
    • Following IaC best practises
    • Everything deployed via ADO pipelines
  • Company has an award winning public developer portal
  • Saved the company £x?

Meeting requirements

Before the creation of this external developer portal, the company was manually sharing API specs with hundreds of lines, making it hard for their consumers to understand the APIs.

  • Customized Spec renderer: Using Stoplight Elements project, we customized it to their needs allowing them and their consumers to easily read and understand their complex APIs
  • Advanced Mocking: Using the Kong 3 mock plugin and additional customizations to Spotlight Elements meant that mocking of the API resources on the developer portal is now available out of the box with little to no effort.
  • Branding Guidelines: The portal was built against a set of strict branding guidelines to ensure that became part of the estate instantly
  • Customizations to meet requirements: To meet some of the companies project requirements we have had to create a patching framework for making minor tweaks to the portal

Ensuring that we listened to our customers needs we were able to deliver an exception public developer portal for the enterprise insurance company in record time with minimal resources meeting all of their requirements and then sum.

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