Bespoke software systems for algorithmic trading, backtesting, trading simulations and financial training

QuadCorps helps trading firms and financial services companies deliver the competitive performance they need by designing and developing robust, scalable software systems and innovative fintech solutions.

Algorithmic trading

Alarmingly, there are thousands of Excel/VBA and self-coded systems in daily use by traders and trading shops. QuadCorps can design and develop new algorithmic trading solutions or migrate existing systems to a more robust and scalable platform, retaining familiar functionality while improving capacity and capabilities, and overcoming the inherent limitations and risks of desktop spreadsheets. Using advanced platforms and programming languages, we build bespoke solutions with vastly enhanced data processing and analytics. Everything systemised and automated in a secure, stable and fully compliant environment, with the speed and resilience of cloud infrastructure.

Dashboards and alerting systems

With systems widely distributed and running at high speeds, you need the complete picture to stay in control. QuadCorps builds sophisticated dashboards and alerting systems that fully integrate the real-time monitoring and reporting of your entire infrastructure. We work with industry standard systems including Nagios, Kibana and Grafana, to give you live status of every system, and a visual aggregation of all your data, customised to your exact needs and presented with beautiful clarity.


Backtesting systems

Backtesting on your own network puts huge pressure on compute resource, requires time-consuming manual input, and risks compromising the outcome of trading analytics. Finding and managing a development team you can trust to build a reliable and scalable replacement system can be equally challenging. With years of experience in the design and development of trading systems, QuadCorps’ bespoke, cloud-based solutions provide the elasticity to run unlimited datasets, with fast, fully-automated testing and analysis, and the reliability and agility you need to optimise multiple trading strategies.

Financial trading simulations

To close the gap between financial training and industry practice, it’s essential that the learning environment fully reflects real-world experience. QuadCorps’ expertise with trading systems and fintech platforms means we deliver training software that gives students the confidence and know-how to hit the ground running, with practical skills and current industry knowledge. We design and develop bespoke software systems suitable for training providers, graduate schemes, CPD programmes, universities and colleges.

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