Cloud consultancy

Systems development and migration for on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid infrastructures

Enterprise experience, personal service

QuadCorps may not be the largest consultancy, but we are big on cloud expertise and enterprise experience. We’re good at taking care of the small stuff too, with a highly personalised service, and a hands-on, collaborative approach.

Our Smart Partner model ensures full and frank engagement for every aspect of your cloud journey, from design to deployment. Together we’ll identify the pain points and opportunities, and build the best strategy and solutions to transform your business.

Big questions, bespoke solutions

How to work with the cloud is a big question, but it all begins with ‘why.’

Whether it’s upgrading legacy systems, scaling for growth or providing digital services, QuadCorps’ 360 Discovery process will explore your existing capabilities, and determine what you need to achieve. Then, from infrastructure to applications, QuadCorps provides a fully managed service covering every aspect of your cloud ecosystem:

  • Infrastructure assessment, platform evaluation and application design
  • Auto-scaling and pay-as-you-go solutions for flexible, cost-efficient compute power
  • Architecture design to accommodate failover and business continuity
  • Network security, regulatory and compliance issues
  • Data storage, access and utility + relational database service
  • Software licensing and cloud compatibility + refactoring apps for the cloud
  • Cloud services management, performance monitoring and cost control
  • Fully managed migration with training and support for in-house teams

Cloud solutions from the ground up

Focusing on business needs before technical outcomes ensures we always select the appropriate facets of cloud service to support your digital transformation. Integration and new APIs are often an elegant solution, but we’re equally comfortable assimilating legacy systems. And while the answer may be a complete cloud migration, it could also involve a hybrid solution with on-premise systems. We’ll also advise on public, private and multi-cloud options.

As much as we are designers and developers, we also see ourselves as ‘digital plumbers,’ following the flow of business processes and improving connectivity to unlock value, data and performance. It’s about understanding the capability you need, and using the right tools for the job.

A neutral outlook for a positive outcome

QuadCorps is proudly vendor and solution neutral, enabling us to specify the best-fit solution for your needs. We're experienced with all the major cloud services, including Google Cloud Platform, and have deep expertise with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Plenty of consultancies will push to start from scratch, or for big-budget builds. However, answers may already exist within your business or in ready-made market solutions. We will happily work with your existing providers and utilise your current infrastructure where possible. A bespoke build could be the way to go, and QuadCorps is a full-stack cloud specialist. But if there's no need for new we'll tell you - saving valuable time and money and improving your ROI.

Tell us about your cloud project or challenges and we’ll help you find the right solution

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